Mine Bitcoin And Heat Homes In Finland

Welcome to the future of Bitcoin mining, where sustainability meets profitability. Introducing a pioneering project that combines the cutting-edge WhatsMiner M63S's heat production with a central heating system to not only mine Bitcoin but also warm people in Finland. This innovative approach maximizes energy efficiency and minimizes environmental impact, setting a new standard in the mining industry.


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We're leading the charge towards a more sustainable and profitable mining future. Our initial project boasts a 1.5 MW capacity with only 200 machines available, making this an elite opportunity for serious investors.

This is a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of eco-friendly mining, with hosting priced competitively at $0.069/kWh. Minimum order is 5 units, ensuring a tailored approach to your mining needs. The machines must be ordered before end of May. 


Why Finland? Top 6 Reasons to Mine

Why Finland?
Top 6 Reasons to Mine


Utilize waste heat for water heating, reducing environmental impact.

Cost Efficiency

Competitive hosting at $0.069/kWh maximizes your profits.

Strategic Location

Finland's cool climate optimizes mining hardware longevity and efficiency.


Leverage our long expertise in Bitcoin mining.

Limited Availability

Exclusive access to a pioneering project with only 200 units.

Timely Start

Begin mining by late July 2024 with our first batch of units.

Nuclear-powered bitcoin mining heat-reuse

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Bitcoin Investor

Savvy Bitcoin investors seeking efficient ways to expand their digital asset portfolios.

Business Diversifier

Entrepreneurs looking to enrich their investment spectrum with profitable Bitcoin mining ventures.

Tech Enthusiasts

Early adopters eager to leverage cutting-edge mining technology for optimal performance.

Green Energy Advocates

Environment-conscious individuals drawn to sustainable, hydropower-based Bitcoin mining.

Relocation Miner

Miners looking for a more efficient, cost-effective location to relocate their existing mining equipment.

Passive Income Seeker 

Individuals aiming for additional, low-effort income streams through reliable Bitcoin mining.

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"Praising Hashlabs for Unmatched Transparency and Reliability"

I've been following Hashlabs' journey in the crypto space, and their commitment to transparency and reliability is unmatched. Their detailed updates and clear communication make me confident that their new facility in Ethiopia will be a game-changer in sustainable Bitcoin mining. - Brian Kim, Tech Entrepreneur

"Applauding Hashlabs for Leading the Way in Eco-Friendly"

In a world where sustainability is key, Hashlabs stands out for their commitment to eco-friendly mining solutions. Their new hydropower-based facility in Ethiopia is a testament to their dedication to the environment. I trust Hashlabs to lead the way in responsible Bitcoin mining. - Steven Quinn, Digital Investor

"Celebrating Hashlabs' Innovation and Ethical Approach"

As a Bitcoin enthusiast, I'm always on the lookout for companies that push the boundaries of innovation. Hashlabs has impressed me with their state-of-the-art mining technology and sustainable practices. Their approach to transparent and ethical mining aligns perfectly with what I look for in a mining partner. - Gulnara Slambekova, Bitcoin Enthusiast

Co-Founder and CEO

Jaran Mellerud

Jaran Mellerud, a visionary and authoritative figure in the Bitcoin mining sector, joins Hashlabs as the Co-Founder and CEO. With his extensive background in Bitcoin mining analytics and consultancy, Jaran brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for the industry to Hashlabs. His experience spans across various global mining operations, providing him with a unique perspective on what makes a mining operation successful.

Strategic Leadership: Jaran will leverage his deep industry insights to guide Hashlabs' strategic direction, ensuring we stay at the forefront of Bitcoin mining technology and practices.

Operational Excellence: With his hands-on experience in numerous mining operations, Jaran will oversee the optimization of our mining processes, aiming to maximize efficiency and profitability.

Industry Networking: Utilizing his vast network within the Bitcoin mining community, Jaran will help Hashlabs forge valuable partnerships and collaborations, enhancing our market presence and capabilities.

Co-Founder and Chief Mining Officer

Alen Makhmetov

Meet Alen Makhmetov, the visionary behind Hashlabs. Originally from Kazakhstan, Alen brings a wealth of expertise ranging from traditional mining to pioneering sustainable Bitcoin practices. With extensive experience in commodities trading, traditional mining, and the energy sector, Alen's passion for Bitcoin mining motivated him to establish his own mining facility. Today, Hashlabs operates across Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ethiopia, with potential expansion into Indonesia.

Diverse Professional Expertise: From commodities trading to traditional mining and the energy sector, Alen's multifaceted experiences have equipped him with a unique industry perspective.

Academic Excellence: Specialized in automation and industrial engineering from renowned Chinese universities, laying a solid foundation for his ventures.

Global Mining Operations: Founder of a mining facility with operations in Kazakhstan and Russia, and active expansion plans in Indonesia.

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Marek Safarik

Meet Marek Safarik, the strategic mind and passionate heart behind Hashlabs. With a rich 8-year journey in business development, marketing, and sales, Marek has not only honed his skills under the mentorship of industry giants like Dan Kennedy and Grant Cardone but has also crafted a unique path that intertwines his business acumen with a fervent belief in Bitcoin.

Strategic Visionary: Marek's exceptional strategic foresight enables him to identify market opportunities and pivot business strategies swiftly, ensuring Hashlabs stays ahead in the dynamic Bitcoin industry.

Innovative Marketer: Marek's innovative approach to marketing has led to groundbreaking campaigns, setting new trends and elevating brand presence in the competitive Bitcoin market.

Global Vision: His aspirations transcend traditional business goals, aiming to integrate Bitcoin's potential into everyday life and empower individuals globally to be part of the Bitcoin movement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the WhatsMiner M63S ideal for this project?

The WhatsMiner M63S is selected for its high heat output, making it perfect for our heat-to-energy mining solution, providing both efficiency in mining and environmental sustainability.

How does the heating system work?

The system captures the heat generated by the WhatsMiner M63S during mining operations, using it to warm water in a central heating system. This dual-purpose approach maximizes energy use and contributes to environmental sustainability.

Can I participate if I'm not in Finland?

Absolutely! Our project is open to global investors who wish to be part of this innovative mining solution. All operations are managed locally, so you can contribute from anywhere in the world.

What's the expected ROI?

While specific returns can vary based on market conditions, our competitive hosting rates and the efficient operation of the WhatsMiner M63S units aim to maximize profitability. For detailed projections, contact us directly.

Is there a minimum order requirement?

Yes, to ensure a focused and effective deployment, the minimum order is set at 5 units.

How can I reserve my units?

Click on the "Reserve Your Units Now" button to get started. You'll be guided through the reservation process to secure your spot in this limited opportunity.

What is the length of the mining contract for this project?

Our mining contract is set for a duration of 5 years, ensuring stability and long-term profitability for our investors. This means your contract will extend until March 28, 2029, during which time you'll benefit from our innovative mining solutions in Finland, competitive hosting rates, and our eco-friendly approach to Bitcoin mining.

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